Attention to detail.

Using the finest natural fabrics and a particular attention to detail our slim-fitting underwear are cut to fit neatly to the body, in a shape that lasts throughout the day.

The good stuff

Sourced and made in Britain, using skilled hands, passionate hearts and 48% Organic Cotton, 48% Bamboo & 7% Elastane.

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    We’re only too aware + thankful! For supporting us early we’re offering everyone who buys one of our first 100 pairs; 24% discount off the brand (online) for life. Seriously.

    What makes us different?

    Our design
    Underwear that fits with the rest of modern minimalist fashion.
    Our beleifs
    We care about our carbon footprint, and from where our components are sourced.
    Our materials
    We work with natural luxury fabrics, and we're not trying to cut costs.
    Our originality
    We make remarkable underwear without the need for big branding.
    Our passion
    We really care! All of our underwear is made with enthusiasm in England.
    Our obsession
    We've spent 2 years and over 20 patterns getting it right.