Particular(ly) about Underwear

Late 2014

Why is this mass produced underwear so expensive?

For many, buying premium underwear has become more about not looking cheap, than about falling in love with what's available. That's because brands are making the same underwear, from the same materials, in the same huge factories.

With such a vast choice of brands, it's surprisingly hard to find any discernable differences between their products. Bright colours, big branding and standardised materials make up 99% of the industry… AND this lack of originality doesn't come cheap.

That's why we started V & Sons.

"From the cradle to the coffin; underwear always comes first."

Bertold Brecht
Men's underwear

Why does it all look the same?

Our goal is to create a product driven company in the underwear industry. We're focussing on comfortable, quality products that are recognised for being beautifully designed & worthy of the price tag.

Making that wasn't easy! We've spent the last 2 years testing and improving men’s underwear. We’ve developed a completely bespoke pattern, and chosen the softest natural fabrics to make underwear that lasts longer, feels better and looks remarkable (without the need for our name to be plastered everywhere).

What we offer

Underwear that stands out
in the right ways.

"If most are manufacturing underwear to the same specifications, haven't they found the perfect formula?" Nope. We've looked into every aspect of men's underwear, and found countless ways to improve on ours.

Our curiosity started with materials and comfort, then led us to design and form, and then down the natural path of environmental impact. Something we've been passionate about since the start of our journey.

Underwear is an essential item, which is even more reason to spend time ensuring it's being made in an honest way.

Raised in London

Inspired in the big smoke,
made in the big smoke.

We sourced close to everything from Britain, including our manufacturing. It’s meant we’ve taken decisions in person; made over 20 iterations to our design; and maintained a low carbon footprint.

So… We didn’t choose Britain for the marketing angle, we chose it for a lower carbon footprint and a vigorously tested product.

Buy the result

Mursley 312

Our original — supersoft stretch trunks.

Made from supersoft organic materials, with a shape that’s been perfected over 2 years. We didn’t just change the name accross the waistband, we've improved everything.