Nice to knows' on how
we like to operate.

As the name suggests, we're a little old fashioned in our perspective. Handshakes over contracts; dedication over automation; and loyalty over royalty (sorry Queeny).


What if I want to return my underwear?

From receipt of your items, you have 7 days to return them and we will provide you with a full refund. The refund can only be given if your items are returned in new condition and haven't been worn (for obvious reasons. Contact hello@vsons.co.uk with your order number to start a return.

Do you ship globally?

Yes we ship worldwide, using the Royal Mail and UK Mail within the UK and international couriers such as DHL, UPS & Fed Ex. We process all orders within 2 working days.

What if customs charge extra for the shipment?

If your address is not witin the EU then you may incur customs charges, unfortunately V & Sons aren't responsible for paying that.

Founders club

New independent brand

We beleive wholeheartedly that we're creating a better product, made in a more responsible way than any alternative. In buying our underwear you beleive that too – and by wearing them you're supporting what we do.

Do you beleive?

We want to reward those that find and support us before their friends, because you're the real reason we'll be a success. If you're ahead of the curve, we'll consider you a close friend for life and reward you accordingly.

24% Discount for our first 100 customers.

Loyalty goes a long way, and it's rare in retail. We're rewarding it by giving our founding customers a 24% discount for life! That’s a lot of discount, for a lot of time. It's only avaible to those that buy one of the first 100 pairs of underwear, so we'd suggest joining our mailing list to find out about our launch.

Sourcing Components

Fly Buttons

Sourced from a company in Nottingham that’s been trading for over 100 years. Custom dyed to our specification.

Waistband Elastic

We found the softest plush waistband that money can buy, it's specially designed to be in direct contact with the skin and it happened to be manufactured in Leicester, England.

Jersey Fabric

After a lot of Googling we found a great supplier of organic textiles based in Wales. All of the fabric is supplied to us by them.


We don't really like plastic, the look, the feel or how it's made + recycled. So we reduced our need for it. Our underwear is packaged (in style) with cardboard and cotton.

Inside fly fabric

Brought after one of our many strolls to the enchanting Goldhawk Road in London. Purchased in 2 colours from a roll of beautiful soft linen.

Branded labels

We didn’t like the shiny finish gained from Satin labels, so we opted for screen printed organic cotton instead.

Where are they made?

Our pattern and all the sampling was developed right here in London. For larger scale production, we've chosen a specialist underwear manufacturer based in Manchester.

Loose ends

Do you have stockists?

We do not currently have any stockists, but we're exploring that in the future. If you like to know more then please reach out to hello@vsons.co.uk

Press or media requests?

For any press or media requests please contact Rufus – rufus@vsons.co.uk

Important contacts

Cool without trying; comfort without compromise.